Ever wonder what it feels like to climb into a racecar and hit the track, but never thought you could? You can at X1 Outdoors. We bring the thrill of racing within your reach.


Whether you’re planning an off-site corporate event for staff and clients, or a private party for friends and family, X1 Outdoors has everything you need for the ultimate outing.


Our planners will help you create the ideal event: the perfect race format, all the race gear, delicious food and refreshments, trophies and memorabilia … everything you need for an outstanding, unforgettable outing.


If you are interested in learning more about X1 Outdoors, please give our event planning staff a call at (781) 228-2010, email at or fill out the contact form for news and information.


We can help you select a race format and the amount of track time that would be best for your event, as well as details about other services we offer, such as catering and entertainment.


As a quick reference, here’s a list of considerations when thinking about an event:


  • Is this a company event?

  • How many people will you be hosting?

  • Will you be having a meeting?

  • Is this a team building event or more of a casual social outing? 



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